// Art should be for the people, the digital tools permits us to create infinite 'originals', why are you selling them as limited items?

Many of our collections are available for our viewers enjoyment on the internet at no additional cost. However, some of them somehow manage to escape the 'screen' and turn into physical objects.

And when a physical object is involved, we need to limit our item run. It is our choice to make collector's items and keep our artist's creative flows going, than in boring repetitive tasks. If you wanna see some of our artist pieces, they're available on the internet. If you want to OWN them, well, that's a different story.

// Where are you located?

Technically, all of our shipments are sent from Mexico City. A city full of contrasts, home of terrible neighborhoods and luxury avenues, home of a strong ancient tradition and a fresh/complex/young art scene.

We-for the good or the worst- do not enjoy the calmness of an EU city or the safety of most US cities. We have to be in constant alert in a country full of injustice. In contrast this adverse situations are THE BEST ones needed for the growth of a fertile, vast and rich electronic art scene.

// If you're a Mexico City based electronic art gallery, why are you speaking in english?

We love our language and enjoy the way it sounds (well spoken of course), however we're talking to the world and establish a connection between an international community and our fertile underground electronic art scene.

// Why are there so few collections available?

We don't need (nor desire) to have our shelves full of products, like a supermarket. We don't have an specific update schedule too. We update our store as new collections become available.

We try to approach the dealership process with the same honesty and passion our artists have approached to create their own pieces. There isn't really a big difference in selling a collection in about two minutes, than selling it in two months.


// How do you verify the authenticity of a file/object?

All of our pieces are shipped (physically or digitally) with a certificate of authenticity. We have a special seal which is signed by the artist (or artists) of a certain collection. We specify how many items were made of that special edition and if the artist involved has a seal, we include that seal too.

We keep a double record of every certificate, one (the original) is delivered to the future owner and the copy is kept on our archives for future reference.

// Can you guarantee the integrity of your USB drives?

In some cases, digital pieces will be delivered inside our special USB drives. We can only guarantee the integrity of those files before delivery. We can't claim any responsibility for accidental loses or file alterations.

// Can I know who has an specific numbered piece of an specific collection?

No. Our clients record are confidential, we take this very seriously. However, if you want to verify the authenticity of a certain piece, CONTACT US and we can help you.

// The piece I wanted to acquire has just been sold, can you make one for me? (I can pay a double fee)

No, unfortunately when we announce an specific item limit, in order to maintain the value of your investment, we will never make an exception.

// The piece I desire to acquire has an specific limited run of 'x', can I have the item 1/x ?

The items are shipped trough a first come first served basis. If you want to acquire the first item of a special edition, we suggest you acquire it fast.

// Have you ever participated in any art fairs I'm familiar with?

Most likely, not. As many of our partner artists, we enjoy being in the limit of things, in the slum of a territory, where the frontiers are being expanded.

We only aim to distribute electronic art with dignity and respect, both for our artists -and their work-, and for you.

And let's not forget we're not selling the pieces at 'art fair' prizes, where the artists normally take only 40% of the final revenue (being optimistic).

// What is a Binary Node?

A Binary Node is a basic concept in computer code that can go either way: 1 or 0. Although life is more complex than a binary structure of decisions, we like to think that a simple rule -like an algorithm- can produce complex and fascinating results. We're thrilled about the possibilities of code in the creative process.

In the beginnings Binary Node was the PR arm of the Realität team, but as it grew, it became clear it could become a platform for other electronic/digital artists.

// Can I visit you? Do you have a retail store?

For the moment, all of our sales are digital.


// Where can you ship?

If Fed-Ex or UPS deliver to your city, then we can ship to you. However, keep in mind that the shipping cost varies. A typical small package to the USA is around $31 USD, to the EU around $54 USD and the rest of the world $70. Is that expensive? Now you know how we feel every time we pay for an item we buy overseas.

// I'm in a hurry, could you send my piece with the most expensive (but quick) shipping option?

Of course, right after you placed your order, CONTACT US.

// Can you send me my piece via the local post service (USPS) ?

No, we don't want your limited collector's item to be damaged or lost. We prefer to pay a few extra bucks and assure the safe arrival of your order.

// My package was lost, how can we proceed?

CONTACT US and we'll figure out a solution. If the problem was a UPS/FedEx one and we still have pieces of a certain limited run, then we'll send you another one without any additional cost.

// How long does a package takes to arrive?

We ship normally 3-5 days after we receive your order. According to your location it could take anything between 2 to 1 week for the package to arrive. However, some special items have a 2 week lead time, please check each item's description.


// I'm an electronic artist, can I sell my work in your store?

We're a curated electronic art dealership and therefore only sell the work of artists of proven honesty and significance. We have a very strict way of seeing electronic art, we're not interested in using technology just for the sake of it, or just because a tool is available. We're way more interested in what an specific artwork is saying about today, about this place, about this condition of being human in this very fragile period of time.

However, our vision is not omnipresent and if you have a serious/sincere/honest work, please CONTACT US.

// I work with analog media, can I still sell something with you?

Our primary focus is art crafted/coded with the tools of our times. Analog artists already have a huge 'safe places' to sell their work, where the old has already been accepted. We're breaking new ground here. Now, if your analog work has some relation with code/electronic art, please read the previous question.