How big would my Microsonic Landscape will be?

The final size varies depending on the original sound file. However most of them will measure 7cm (2.75 in) of diameter, and something between 2-5 cm (0.78 - 1.5 in ) height.

Is this an exact representation of my sound?

This is perhaps the most asked question. We have no interest in literal sound representation, it would be very hard to distinguish one piece for another. Not to mention the infinite legal storm we would have above us. Instead, we prefer to call it an 'exploration' inspired upon the file you send to us.

Instead we have chosen to take a different path and put some soul into our main algorithm. It is an art piece, it's not reality per se. We would never ask Van Gogh to paint a portrait to mimic a photograph.

How are they built?

Once we receive your order/commission, your sound file is run trough our algorithm and after several layers of analysis it outputs 3D data. Then, we take this data and fine tune it in order to prepare the model for 3D printing. Each model takes from 3 to 5 hours to print, all of them have structurally solid insides. After the printing is done (if the piece meets our quality standards) a limited edition certificate is issued and we pack your piece manually and very carefully for shipping.

I can't decide which rendering method suits best for my piece, can you help me?

All the four methods look great once they are printed. As with most important matters in life, listen to your intuition.

Can you make a full piece for an entire music album I choose?

We've partnered with the Realit├Ąt Team to make this limited edition pieces, unfortunately we can't. However you can write them directly: contact[at] and send them your commission proposal. However another algorithm would be coded, since this particular one will ONLY be used for this opening collection.

How can I read my Microsonic Landscape?

Depending on the sound file, some algorithms would be harder to read with the naked eye. They are built in a clockwise direction. When the ring starts, there is the beginning of a track and so forth until it reaches the final point.

Do you accept only songs?

Not just songs, any sound could do (a speech, even your own voice recorded). However keep in mind that if you submit an almost silent sound (a very John Cage thing to do) nothing will be printed. As a matter of fact, we dare you to! Send us "4'33"!

What happens after all the 33 pieces have been sold out?

The code will be never used again with the current settings. We don't throw out the possibility of continuing sound exploration, but the rendering methods will never look quite the same. We are a small team, and we have no interest in filling a store with cheap pieces continuously or doing the same repetitive task over and over again.

Instead, each piece, is coded/Crafted which such a tremendous passion, that it's very difficult for us to make more, even if we wished to.

Also, we prefer our artists to continue their own creative paths instead of parking them in a boring non-creative process. Bear in mind that even though this is a limited collection ALL of the pieces are unique since they are born from different sound data.